Bean sprouts get E. coli.

E. coli test kit for Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts get E. coli and recalled constantly. Growers can now check their sprouts for E. coli and get results for in less than 24 hours. Sixteen hour rapid recovery is common.


E. Coli Test Kit For Bean Sprouts

E. coli food processor test kit

E. coli Test Kit Contents 10 E. coli Enterobacteriaceae test

10 units E. coli Quantitube(TM) Medium
10 Quantitubes(TM)) with ID Labels
10 Pipettes
Graduated Cups
Large Alcohol Wipes
Incubator Box/Quantitube(TM) Stand
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You can order our mung bean mold test kit online the 10 test mold test kit is economical and a good starter package. The diluent is very important for this test Please call if you are interested in mung bean or any food testing.

Mung bean mold test kit with diluent and pipettes. Safety taped Petri dishes for commercial processor use. Test for all molds in beans and other ingredients and your whole facility mold test kit. Prepaid shipping Nationwide . Foreign orders e mail or call 561 577 7202
mold testing instructions are complete with our mold test kit and we will write methods for your specific requirements. Our mold test kit can be used as a quality control guide to detect and enumerate mold counts in mung bean and other ingredients.
do it yourself mold test kit 
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Home mold test kit
10 mold test
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