Notes; Test in Progress

A sealed bottle of chives was opened and about thirty percent of the contents dumped out.
Samples were immediately taken.
A scoop of chives was put in the diluent.
The diluent was divided between the three media, with the High pH media receiving most of the chives and recovering the greatest number of organisms at this time.
A scoop of chives was placed on the prepared plate.
The single scoop of chives on the prepared plate looked inadequate for recovery; two more scoops of chives were added.
® was poured over the chives in adequate quantity to cover the chives.
It should be noted that the additional thickness of the Easygel
® may have contributed to the recovery of the streaked plate.


Results to Date:

The prepared streaked plate recovered first and shows the greatest diversity of organisms at this time.*
The High pH media, which received the greatest share of the sample, recovered the most organisms to date.**
The Low pH media recovered two organism to date.
The Inhibited media recovered one organism to date.***


 Click to enlarge Prepared Streaked Plate
*The streaked plate has ten times the organisms as any of the other test plates.


High pH  
** The high pH was poured into the diluent bottle after the diluent was poured into the other two media. When using diluent it is advisable to pour the third media into the diluent bottle and pick up any organism that might adhere to the sides of the diluent bottle.

Low pH  


Inhibited Media  
***Inhibited media generally recovers at a slower rate than other media. In this sample the inhibited media may have received the fewest number of organisms.The organism will most likely over grow the plate but slowly. We will see if other organisms are recovered.


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