Side by Side Culture Comparison

Comparison of Culture Methods and Recovered Morphologies Using PDA Media

Conventional Solid Simple Media Surface Culture vs. Transformational (liquid /solid) Media

Media*: Micrology Laboratories Goshen, IN 46526-5360 Phone: (888) EAS-YGEL

Methods: Florida Institute of Mold, Delray Beach, Fl 33484 Phone 561.577.7202

* Questions concerning media formulation should be directed to Micrology Laboratories


Our Media Choice Easygel®

Easygel® is the only mould media we use.
® is the only mould media that is thermally independent transformational (liquid /solid).
The reason we use Easygel
® is simple: transformational (liquid /solid) gets recovery and morpholigical results.
We do not follow Micrology Laboratories' standard instructions for the use of their product.
The formulation of our complex drop out media is by Micrology Laboratories .
The use methods, spore trapping and recovery methods are soley the work FIM. The use of diliuent is part of our methods.
Transformational culture methods are very effiecent at recovering Fungi and smaller amounts of sample material mey be needed so overpopulation of the dish may be avoided.
Dispersion of organisms is a good idea.
We use 2 bottles of media in every dish as we believe the Fungus likes room to grow.
The standard mould media formula we use has triple antobotics, peptones and is color coded.



Samples Compared

Expelled Saliva
Whole Oregano