Euclidian (3-Dimensional) Culture for the Optimum Recovery of Fungal Moulds and Yeast

Why Euclidian (3-Dimensional) Culture?

Euclidian (3-Dimensional) Culture is new to the world of Fungi. Although invented 3 decades ago by Dr Jonathan N Roth of Micrology Laboratories, Easygel®, thermally independent transformational media (liquid /solid) it was not until this century that the applied methodology and protocols for the culture of Fungi came about by research of the Florida Institute of Mold. The moulds, yeast and yeast-like organisms samples can be procured from any environment including the air, dust, humans and animals, however Euclidian Culture is needed to grow the organisms from the sample. Euclidian (3-Dimensional) Culture of Fungi open the door to the recovery of mould, yeast and yeast-like organisms. The moulds, yeast and yeast-like organisms that grow in a Euclidian Culture environment are diverse in nature and many of these organisms are medically important.
 The organisms pictured in the Easygel® petri dish will only grow in the morphological form and require depth that can only be accomplished by Euclidian (3-Dimensional) Culture

These organisms are at various depths inside the Easygel® petri dish. The organisms were photographed at 200X.


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