Why should non-specialist use a Laboratory in a Box


Easygel® Standard Laboratory Packaging Micrology Laboratories



For the non-specialist to go into the field with a sleeve of petri Dishes and a box of 20 or more Easygel® media is asking for trouble. Spilled and contaminated Petri Dishes, media mix up, sample mix up and transportation handling problems.


We do more than put a bottle and petri dish in a package.

On site  Laboratory In A Box Mold Test Kit that uses Easygel® for on site culture.
All petri dishes have saftey tape    
The only Mold Test Kit with 2 different media for better recovery of mold organisms.  
The only Mold Test Kit with a diluent for sample dispersion.  
The only Mold Test kit with an incubator box.  
The only Mold Test Kit with a Easystand for easy photography and customer support.  


This is a real mold test kit.