The Three Stages of Easygel®


Liquid State; Liquid isotropic culture in vitro (as an elicitor) to satisfy turgidity requirements (nutrient uptake) of microorganisms through liquid suspension.

Gelatinous State:The anisotropy (unsettled or disturbed state) decays when the poured Easygel® equalizes in the petri dish; relaxation time is seconds, returning to the quiescent state.When the Easygel® is poured in to the pretreated petri dish, ions diffuse from the pretreatment layer into the liquid. This causes the Easygel to thicken into a Gelatinous vuscous State, slowing the decent of organisums, causing the organism to be trapped when the Gelatinous State sets to Gel.

Gel State: solidification from the Gelatinous Statethe a firm state , the traped organisums respond to the fertile environment and grow defining themselves morphlogically.