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Mold Test Kits, Mold Testing and Mold Analysis. Tandem spore trapping, using two bioaerosol cassettes or one bioaerosol cassette and a viable 25mm cassette trap, shows results of the blow by of a bioaerosol cassette in a spore trap. Twenty viable spore traps in second position to the tandem grab 18 grew yeast Here are some of the recovery results and why we use a Laboratory In A Box(TM) Mold Test Kit.

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Mold Test Kit
2 Petri dish, mold test kit
2 media, mold test kit
Asthma mold test kit - Free
Sq. ft. mold test kit - Free
Bigfoot mold test kit - Free
Common Sense mold test kit - Free
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Stachybotrys mold test kit
Toxic mold mold test kit
Black mold mold test kit
Penicillium mold test kit
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Mucor mold test kit
Chaetomium mold test kit
All our test kits are 2 media test kits. Single growth media mold test kits are a scam to get your $30.00 for laboratory fee on a incomplete mold test. A 1 Petri dish mold test kit is simple media media mold test kit. A mold test kit with 2 different growth media is a complex media mold test kit. For laboratory and research use we make 3 & 4 growth media mold test kits.
mold test kit
E.coli testing Rapid Identification E.coli test kit



E.coli testing Rapid Identification E.coli test kit



Two well mold test kit

Three well mold test kit

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