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Step1, Julius Richard Petri (1852-1921) procured samples of microbology (bacteria and fungi).

Step2, Julius Richard Petri (1852-1921) grows the samples of microbology (bacteria and fungi) in liquid slant cultures in a test tube.

Slant or liquid culture is the first step in the recovery of microorganisms.

Samples of microbology (bacteria and fungi) in test tube liquid slant cultures needed sub-culturing on a solid surface to stabilize and segregate microbology slant cultures.

 Julius Richard Petri (1852-1921) invents the petri dish in 1877

Step3, Subculture from Slant liquid culture to solid culture (petri dish) stabilizing and segregating the samples of microbology (bacteria and fungi).

1877 Petri Dish Mold Test Kit Originally Required Slant Liquid (Broth) Culture, Pour-and-Loop (Swab). The Petri Dish Mold Test Kit, Mold Test Kit Comparison: Does Your Mold Laboratory Omit the Required Slant Liquid (Broth) Culture, Culture Step?

1970's Easygel Mold Test Kit Pour-and-Loop (Swab): The Dish Mold Test Kit Comparison (Omits Liquid Culture Step);

2004 Easygel Temperature-Independent, Transformational Liquid/Solid Methods of Optimum Recovery, Segregating and Isolating Mold Test Kit, Mold Test Kit Comparison :

Mold Test Kit Comparison

  Others' Mold Test Kit  
Florida Institute of Mold's Easygel ® Mold Test Kit 
  • 4, 6,and 9 bottle 2004 Complex Non-Synthetic Multi-Media Mold Formulas.
  • Optimum Recovery (Multi Species Yeast and Molds)
  • Taped Sealed Sterile Easygel Coated Petri Dishes
  • 2004 Methods and Protocols
  • Use Dated
  • Culture/Storage Box
  • Chain of Custody Printed on Container.
  • Notes and Comments Form Printed on Container
  • Yeast Targeted Formula
  • Stachybotrys Targeted Formula
  • Chaetomium and Phoma Targeted Methods
  • Customer Support
  • Photo Detailed Instructions
  • Transformational Liquid Solid Methods Utilization Methods
  • Temperature-Independent Utilization Methods
  • 2 Step Liquid Solid Mold Test Kit
1 or 6 each 1877 petri dishes  
1970"s 1 Bottle Simple Non-Synthetic Media Mold Formula Easygel ® and coated petri dish + cotton swab to loop the dish. Narrow Recovery.  
Mold Laboratories' Mold Test Kit  
1877 petri dish + Q-tip Simple Non-Synthetic Media Mold Formulas cotton swab to loop the dish. Narrow Recovery